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  • General questions

    • What is Emerade?

    • How do I use Emerade?

    • When should I use Emerade?

    • What dosage strengths are currently available for Emerade?

    • How is Emerade packaged?

    • Why is it important to consider body weight and age when determining dose?

    • I am a caregiver, how can I practice using my Emerade or get a trainer device?

    • Can I purchase Emerade?

    • Does Emerade contain latex or meta-sulfite?

    • Can I travel with my Emerade?

  • Using your Emerade

    • Should I always be carrying 2 Emerade pens?

    • Do I need to swing my Emerade to activate it?

    • How long should I hold Emerade during the injection?

    • How many doses of Emerade should I take?

    • How do I know I have taken my Emerade?

    • Are there any precautions to prevent accidental injections?

  • Maintaining your Emerade

    • How do I store my Emerade?

    • How do I discard my Emerade?

    • When should I discard my Emerade?